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            Monticello | (608) 938-4001

            • Wed.
              by special appointment only
            • Thu. 7-5
            • Fri. 7-3 first Fri. only

            Monroe | (608) 328-8228

            • Mon. 8-6
            • Thu. 7-5
            • Tue. 9-6
            • Fri. 7-3 except 1st Fri.

            Welcome to Green Valley Dental

            Green Valley Dental is your trusted, full-service dental office located in Monroe, Green County, Wisconsin. Our Team is dedicated to your entire family's dental care; from the first time you speak with our Patient Care Coordinators on the phone or are warmly greeted by our Office Manager when you arrive.

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            Pain-Free Dentistry

            Our goal is to provide you with the most pleasant dental experience possible. We strive to understand your goals and to keep you comfortable and healthy for a lifetime. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver pain-free dentistry that puts you at ease and ensures your comfort.

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            The Smile that You Dream of

            Here at Green Valley Dental, we develop a strong, collaborative partnership in dental health with each of our patients. We will help you get the natural, healthy, beautiful smile that you dream of. Our focus is to create a lifetime plan to keep you healthy and symptom free.

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